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Every one of us seeks to be in a position where we feel enriched in any relationship we invest our efforts in, such as those with colleagues, business partners, suppliers and customers.

We want to feel that we play a meaningful part in them and then to be able to offer ourselves with an open heart each time. This is where we are fully engaged in what we do. We can all feel this way; it is possible because we possess everything we need in order to feel this way.

The first thing is to show interest and get involved. That is one lesson that I learnt about getting ahead. In my career, in my pursuits for RareRabbit, in getting involved in many exciting projects within the BMF. I always show interest and I genuinely want to be involved in things that require me to stretch a little further than myself.

This energy that is restless within us is life seeking expression. We need to find noble ways to let that out and see just what more we can become.

The next thing that you need to consider doing is to put some skin in the game. Put simply, commit. Very few people are willing to go the distance and put their head on the proverbial chopping block for what they believe in. This is where we fall short and rob ourselves of what could possibly be the most enriching experiences in our lives.

Not putting skin in the game is the same as learning how to swim without every actually getting into the water. You’ll never know that rush of the ice cold water hitting your skin then swallowing it up, the thrill of being fully immersed under water, that feeling of momentarily feeling really alive!

In this New Year, resolve to live with your heart wide open, to put skin in the game to be truly enriched. It is in doing this that you enrich others. When we are all happy and inspired the vibrations of our combined energies soar and bring us to our highest selves.

Each person leaves a legacy — a single, small piece of herself, which makes richer each individual life and the collective life of humanity as a whole.” ― John Nichols, The Nirvana Blues.

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