Grow a business that
leaves a legacy.

Focused business growth solutions that model
your business to the next thriving level.


Implement management systems that free up your time


Learn techniques to run your businesses better


Optimise your operations to increase efficiency and growth

You’ve done all you can, but you’re not quite there yet.

As a business owner, growing your business can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences. Feeling extreme pressure to deliver results is taxing on any person. That’s not why you started this journey, and you shouldn’t have to suffer alone.

Enjoy the benefit of a proper work-life balance

More time to choose

Enjoy the freedom to choose how you spend your valuable time

Measure results

Have the opportunity to validate your strategic decisions by measuring your results


Understand the difference your business makes in the lives of yourself and others

You always drive to succeed. We get it. A growth mindset can interrupt balanced lifestyle goals.

Our passion for growing your business also stems from having a growth mindset, just like you. We’ve seen the many hurdles business owners have had to overcome when aiming to grow their businesses. Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to overcome those obstacles and move back into a positive growth space.

Clients that trust us with their business growth.

Get the guidance and tools to grow your business.

With entrepreneurship consulting expertise spanning nearly 15 years, we are sure to guide you through the business optimisation and growth process.

We monitor market trends to identify expansion opportunities and industry developments that entrepreneurs can capitalise on.


Your contribution is certain to have a long-lasting impact and helped to assist the women entrepreneurs walk confidently in their business journeys.
RareRabbit has been instrumental in the remodelling of our business development and our sales & marketing strategies. They have been organised, flexible and made a meaningful impact on our business.​
RareRabbit has a way of engaging with our knowledge base and imparting it to young entrepreneurial minds by using action-based teaching, which is a novel and very effective way of providing support to those who need it most.

Our Services

Business Diagnostic

Our Business Diagnostics Assessment is a health check to gain an in-depth analysis.

Such information provides insight to the entrepreneur about where they are and what kinds of risks they potentially face. An interpretive report is generated from these results to provide guidance to the entrepreneur on their journey.

It is helpful to take the assessment along with a coaching session to enable you to chart a path to addressing your areas of concern.

Speak to us to take your Business Diagnostic.

1. Send request
2. Receive access
3. Complete Business Diagnostic
4. Receive results

Business Coaching

Business Coaching is a paid and professional process that is strategic and meant to improve performance by enabling learning and development.

It’s one of the best investments you can make to ensure long-term sustainability for your business.

1. Set up an initial meeting to determine your coaching needs. This is a paid consultation.

2. Agree on the needs identified and outline the direction of your coaching.

3. You’re all set to start! A minimum of 1 coaching session per month is recommended.

4. There are key outcomes from our coaching sessions, so it is essential to ensure that you also do the work for this to work for you!

Most business owners know intuitively that the performance of their business can be improved.

Coaching is about helping you remain accountable for your goals while also setting new goals and evaluating your performance. Business coaching also creates a space to discuss your concerns and receive guidance in areas you might be unsure about.

Our discussions are confidential, and we hold ourselves to the COMENSA code of conduct and ethics.

Services to help you grow your business


Through assessment and development, we help progress your business ideas into profitable realities


Business priorities are assessed and aligned with your business requirements while also considering potential future risks


Proven techniques to diagnose, design and implement business processes and procedures that yield tangible results in your business


Dedicated monthly services explicitly allocated to your business to ensure you have access to expertise when you need it most

Through assessment and development, we help progress your business ideas into profitable realities


Using industry-approved systems and content, we ensure the continued updating of your staff and stakeholders

Organizations we are members of to ensure you reach your goals.

3 Simple Steps to Business Growth

How much longer can you manage to burn the candle at both ends before you utilise available business growth solutions?

At the moment, uncertainty and the lack of freedom to choose how you spend your time is a constant precondition, but using our business growth solutions can instantly alleviate pressure and anxiety around your businesses’ performance.

Working with us is easy and straight forward. All you need to do is schedule your first call with us, and we will do the rest.

1. Schedule an Intro Call

We’ll have a quick 15-minute conversation about your goals and challenges, no commitment.

2. Get your Plan

Utilising our extensive experience, you’ll get a tailor-made plan suited to achieve your objectives

3. Achieve Work-Life Balance

Enjoy the freedom of spending time working ON your business, not IN your business

Frequently Asked Questions

Your business goals and areas for improvement might not always be easy to identify without some consultation. However, most business owners know intuitively that the performance of their business can be improved. Coaching is about helping you remain accountable for the goals you’ve set while also setting new goals and evaluating your performance. Business coaching also creates a space to discuss your concerns and receive guidance in areas where you might be unsure.

You might be doing very well but, are you open to doing even better? Coaching is about you, helping you improve, seeing things from a new perspective, and taking your business to the next level.

No business is too small to be coached. We coach businesses of all sizes, from startups to mature corporations. You might get a financial expert to advise on your finances; when you want to improve your physical performance, you might get a personal trainer. To improve your business performance, you’ll get a business coach.

No, business coaching is about business expertise. A coach’s role is to transfer this knowledge to you, growing your business expertise. This growth will enable you to implement a working set of processes that keeps your business running, even when you are not around. As an entrepreneur, your goal is to build an asset that looks after you, and coaching is the guide to help you get there.

That’s great. Continue getting mentored. Coaching is a specific discipline. Our approach is structured and looks at specific areas that affect your business at a particular point in time. It is not intended to be endless but periodic. It is results-based, and we measure success by the results that you produce.

Not having enough time is one reason why you should get a business coach. Our philosophy is to help you free up time for the things that you value other than working endlessly in your business.
Too many business owners make the mistake of building their lives around their business, and in the process, diminishing the time we have for family, reading, learning, and resting. Having a balanced work-life ethic is important to our happiness as human beings.

Contact us to discuss our fees. It’s more affordable than you might think, and it’s one of the best investments you can make to ensure long-term sustainability for your business.

The Start package is created with the small business in mind. It includes risk analysis, business processes, remodelling and a coaching session.

We have found that as entrepreneurs start their businesses, their processes are adapted as they go along. This creates frustration once new members join the team, as important information about how to execute tasks rests only in the entrepreneur’s mind.
Putting processes in place creates a space for teams to be empowered, keeps them learning and sharing knowledge.

The risk analysis is a way of determining which areas of the business are being ignored and need attention. This is an important process as a set of systems (or ways of doing things) need to be put in place from a governance perspective which is mandatory for each registered business.

The Expand package is for medium-sized businesses. These are businesses that seek to grow but feel frustrated by mainly internal factors such as capacity, technology, training and leadership.

The Retainer package is for larger organisations that seek more dedicated entrepreneurial development work. These are mainly organisations that operate in the entrepreneurship development space that seek various services to deliver their development programs.

It’s a tool we use to diagnose where your business is from a structure, operational and financial perspective. This gives you a snapshot into the general health of your business.

It’s important for decision-making as the results help the business owner map where the areas of growth will come from and give guidance to growth strategies.

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